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The Team.

Have you ever wondered how many people it takes to deliver a great product to you, the end customer? Well it takes a team of many talented people who work tirelessly behind the scenes without ever being noticed. Let me introduce you to the team who make the magic happen.

NewAge Poet

Author, Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Motivational Speaker and Rapper.


Dep: Lyricism & Performance



BadLab Productions

Roger Labbad, the genius behind the music, has developed every single beat thus far for NAP. Also known for his all round ability, he's dabbled in writing lyrics (Co-Writing NAP's track Warzone), can rap, can shoot and edit video, plays keyboard, and NAP doesn't make a move without him. The man can do it all.


Dep: Beats

Rewired Music Group

"Lana Lyric Baby !" You know this girl knows her way around a studio. With a high attention to detail towards sound and delivery, NAP decided to team with a producer that can get the best out of him by pushing him beyond his comfort zone.


Dep: Production & Sound

Elite Photography

Ehab Rashed doesn't just take photos he captures elements, he captures time and holds it still in the most artistic fashion. All album or song covers usually will start with this mans camera.


Dep: Photography

Hessler Studios

Kenton Hessler, the creativity behind every cover, poster or art piece NAP related. He's crafty, versatile and always produces 'next level' type of art work.


Dep: Graphic Design

Luke Fuda Films & Photography

Luke Fuda, nationally recognised as one of the top photographers in Australia, moved into videography and his skills were quickly snapped up by NAP.  Words can not do this man's work any justice so check out the clips in the video section of the site and see for yourself.


Dep: Video


Thierry Empeigne is the newest addition to the team. NAP extends his poetry and his lyrics to body art and wanted to team up with a talented tattooist who can take visions of art and make them into master pieces. 



Dep: Tattoo/ Ink

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