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About The Single 


If you've lost someone close to you than this track hits home. Accounts from real life experiences about the tumultuous emotions one goes through when all they are left with are the memories of whom they once had them with.

About the EP 


Enter the Poet dives into the below the surface thoughts and perceptions of NewAge Poet. Lyrically rich, the content will leave you pondering about the state of our world, how we got here, hopefully enticing action about what we can do to better it for the next generation.


The album covers topics such as racism, global leadership, the effect of war, and even the framing of innocent citizens. It also touches on the importance of not selling out, being confident in your own skin and not allowing others to classify you under a label.


You can expect very strong lyrical content, beats that have been influenced by both Hip Hop and Rock and a mix of featuring vocalist that compliment NAP's message. This is the type of Album that is best listened to with a pair of headphones and no distractions. The album appeals to more than just the Hip Hop heads, due to its versatility in delivery, lyricism and musical arrangement, it is truly a musical journey

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